Coober Pedy Shell Opal Silver Formed Pendant Necklace
Coober Pedy Shell Opal Silver Formed Pendant Necklace
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Coober Pedy Shell Opal Silver Formed Pendant Necklace

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Coober Pedy Shell Opal Silver Formed Pendant Necklace. 

A beautiful piece of vibrant real shell Opal from Coober Pedy, Australia which has been free form hand carved by ourselves to best show its stunning colours. It changes slightly with movement and light but is predominantly a bright blue. It has been set in a copper and fine silver formed unique setting which enables it to naturally encase the carved opal. 

A beautiful and highly original piece of jewellery. 

The shell opal measures approximately 1.2cms long, hung on an 16” sterling silver chain ( can be exchanged). 

Opal shells are very unique pieces for any collection. These are shells that have been opalized. A lot of these shells come from the opal fields in Coober Pedy while the more valuable black varieties of these options are found in the Lightning Ridge area. Originally, the opal fields in Australia formed along the bottom of a large inland sea. There was a variety of different marine creatures that called this sea their home including shellfish, dinosaurs, crocodiles, and turtles. When these creatures died, their bodies would sink down to the bottom of the sea and would end up covered in silt and sand. As millions of years passed, this sea ended up drying up which caused various types of clays and sands that were deposited all over this sea bed. All that was left of these animals were their shells and bones, which actually created formations in the opal stones.

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